The strictest law in Chinese history, the Law of Food Safety of the People’s Republic of China, was enacted in 2015 and the General Office of the State Council of China also released Public Notice No. 30/2016 exclusively for food safety, all these efforts show that food safety has been prioritized for all governmental work. Furthermore, the Chinese government gives great incentive to monitor the whole production chain from the very beginning of agriculture products to finished products and promotes the development of ecological agriculture and organic agriculture. Alex Stewart (Agriculture) China Ltd has been engaged in the organic production chain since it was set up, we know the requirements of the agricultural environment and also organic products, we are willing to act as an enthusiastic supporter for the development of organic agriculture in China. Our laboratory provides a series of testing packages for organic products to cater for testing requirements from the field to the table, moreover we provide tailor-made testing packages at the request of our clients to meet their testing requirements.

   Our services include but not limited to:

Soil: Pesticide residues – 110 tests and BAC & DDAC

Process monitoring: Pesticide residues – 200 tests

Organic products testing: Pesticide residues – 458 tests Pesticide residues – 209 tests

Other packages: Tailor-made testing packages