Food additives have been described as the soul of modern industry, reasonable use of additives helps improve color, fragrance and flavor to food and also prolongs food’s expiry date. However rampant use of additives or use of illegal additives seriously affects health of human beings, food safety laws in different counties have different rules against variety and limit the additives which are allowed to be used. There is a clear provision in the Law of Food Safety of the People’s Republic of China that additives shall only be used strictly according to food safety standards, no additives are allowed to be used other than those allowed in any way, other countries around the world also have the same provisions within their laws.

   Alex Stewart (Agriculture) China Ltd focuses on food safety issue, we provide an extensive range of professional analysis of all kind of additives and all prohibited items according to international and domestic standards.

   Testing of food additives include:

Preservatives Antioxidants
Sweeteners Acidity regulator
Colorants Brighteners