Alex Stewart (Agriculture) China Ltd engages and qualifies in analysis of pesticide residues on all kind of food and agriculture products to ensure that the products of our clients meet the requirements of regulations of domestic and overseas and provide important references to the clients in terms of identifying and controlling residues.

   The inappropriate use of pesticides can lead to chemicals within food chains, therefore pesticide residues in soft commodities are always strictly controlled by all countries through legislation to protect their consumers. We have a wealth of experience and technical analysis competence, not only to test organo phosphorous, organo chloro pesticides, carbamic acid ester and pyrethroids etc., but also to provide multiple pesticide residue testing packages to meet testing requirements of our clients.LC/MS/MS and GC/MS/MS analytical methods have also been introduced into our laboratory to screen and analyze more than 800 kinds of pesticide residues, including:

  Bactericidal agent Weed killer Pesticide Plant growth regulator

   Global analytical laboratory network was set up within Alex Stewart Group, we assist you to understand regulations and information relating to pesticide residues for all different countries and provide you a complete range of analytical services for the facilitation of the international and domestic trading of soft commodities, our professional team provides analysis for the following products to ensure that your products meet requirements of related regulations and standards:

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Grains Dairy Products Meats
Cereals Fishes Vegetables